The Seven Chakras’ Meaning

The chakras are the centers of energy inside of the body that influences the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of a person. Each chakra will have its name, color, and characteristics and will control a different area of the body. Modern interest in the ancient world of chakras grew during the peaceful and love-filled 1960s when hippies were looking for new ways to achieve balance in the world. Well, let’s start with The Seven Chakras’ Meaning.

There are seven levels of chakras and they do correspond with the different systems of the body. The chakras work together to give overall balance to the body. These centers of energy do contain and process all of the energy in the body. The chakras hold the power to sustain human life or destroy it. As the keeper of the energy, they can drive you, but when they become unbalanced or blocked they can prevent your progress or even send your health on a downward spiral.

Each one of

The chakras have a special color that is linked to the aura they produce. The intensity of the color can easily change. In a healthy person, the colors will be beautifully bright and clear. But if the person is not feeling well, when they are angry, or when there is stress present in the person’s life, the colors of the aura will fade as the chakras begin to lose control over the body. If someone is physically or emotionally impaired the chakras might completely lose their color. If a chakra is closed or blocked, then the energy contained within it can be stagnant or slow and that will affect the organs and the body parts to which that chakra is attached to. But if a chakra has an abundance of energy it will absorb the energy stored in nearby chakras and it can overwhelm the energy system entirely.

Every chakra has a correspondence with one of the natural elements of fire, water, air, earth, and the spiritual element that is known as ether. And every chakra has a theme that is associated with one particular part of life and living.

Each chakra

has a color that is associated with its particular energy. The colors of the chakras follow the colors of the rainbow. They are a visual demonstration of the entire color spectrum. Rainbows and chakras contain all of the colors that humans can see. Don’t think of the colors individually but rather as a spectrum that begins at the bottom of the spine and continues upward through the top of the head. Just as the colors in the rainbow blend and complement each other, so do the individual chakras work together while standing alone.

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