Exercise While Watching TV

When you are sitting in the comfort of your armchair or sofa watching television you may not realize that you have a great opportunity to gain the benefits of some health bringing keep fit exercises. Here are 5 Simple Exercise Moves You Can Do While Watching TV which will only add to your enjoyment and at the same time help you to feel much fitter and healthier. Lifting Legs Without using your arms to help you, lift your legs until they are level with your knees. Try holding them up for one minute. Then slowly lower your feet to the…

Calisthenics - The Street Workout

Calisthenics – The Street Workout

WHAT IS CALISTHENICS? If you’re reading this post then the chances are you’ve already looked into calisthenics, probably read a few articles and watched some videos of seemingly superhuman feats of strength from famous practitioners such as Eric Grover and Frank Medrano. These guys have it all; traps that reach up to their ears, sculpted shoulders, bulging chests, forearms like Popeye, abs you could grate cheese on and legs that could propel them to the moon. And all without pumping iron? Well, pretty much. HOW DOES IT WORK? Calisthenics, by definition, is a form of exercise that consists of various…

10 Days Full Body Workout Plan

10 Days Full Body Workout Plan

Game Plan Level – Fit There are several workouts you have to choose from now, but you can’t just pick the ones you like and ignore the others. As you saw in the last chapters, it is important to work out each part of your body specifically on different days, because you will lose out on the hard work you have done if you don’t. The more you use the parts of your body, the more you are going to see the results you want to see. I have now put together a plan for you to follow with these…

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