Keto Diet - 4 Weeks Meal Plan

Keto Diet – 4 Weeks Meal Plan

The 4-Week Meal Plan This is your special meal plan to get you started on the ketogenic journey. Each one has been calculated with minimal carbs, so you still have some flexibility for other special options on the keto plan for each day no matter which intermittent fasting plan you choose. Day 1: Breakfast: Chocolate Pecan Pie and Muffins (3.4 g) Lunch: Swedish Dill Shrimp Salad (2 g) Dinner: Pork-Chop Fat Bombs (7 g) Snack or Dessert: Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Bites (4 g) Day 2: Breakfast: Single-Serve Baked Eggs (0.6 g) Lunch: Asiago Tomato Soup (8.75 g) Dinner: Oven-Roasted Burgers…

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