Improve Your Sex & Love Life

5 Exercises to Improve Your Sex & Love Life

If you are looking for a way to put a bit of spice into your love life, these keep fit exercises will add not just a bit of spice but a whole lot of enjoyment to your intimate moments.

Exercises increase your energy and stamina so that you can prolong the level of enjoyment that you can achieve. It will also fill you with vitality and make you healthier.

Exercise Ball Fun

Exercise Ball Fun

This exercise can be performed by either yourself or your partner. With the exercise ball on the floor in front of you, turn around with your back to the ball.

Now place your back on the ball and keep your body parallel to the floor. Then lower your arms over the ball until they touch the floor. You don’t need any further instructions as to what you should do next.

Touch Your Toes

Touch Your Toes

Stand with your feet together and your arms high in the air.

Now bend over bringing your arms down to touch your toes with your fingertips and then return your arms to your side.

Now do the same again, but this time with your feet apart and reaching down to your toes each time.

Repeat the exercise ten times. Do not bend your knees.

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