How To Awaken Your Seven Chakras

Whenever people stop and take the time to evaluate their lives they usually find that their minds and bodies have been overtaken by strain and stress and that psychologically, spiritually, and physically life is in a downward spiral. Although this might seem like a critical issue it is nothing to worry over. Simply by awakening and cleansing the chakras a person can enjoy a renewed sense of the beauty of life by feeling healthier, more refreshed, and more energized. This is because the chakras are the centers of internal energy and energy that runs human life. There are seven chakras in the body. Three of them are located in the lower part of the body and regulate the properties that are thought of as being instinctual. The other four are located in the upper part of the body and are responsible for supervising those properties that are more intellectual.

Chakras are shaped like wheels and they are small circles of energy that are located along the spinal column. They begin down at the tailbone and continue up to the top of the head. For the transmission and reception of energy, chakras are the body’s focal point. As the chakra is often seen depicted as a flower with petals or a wheel with spokes the bottom chakra has just four petals or spokes and the chakra on the top has one thousand petals or spokes.

Once the chakras have been awakened the person will enjoy better health and better spiritual and psychic visions and perceptions. Awakened chakras will cause a rewiring of the circuitry of the nerves in the body which will also awaken the parts of the brain which have been lying dormant.

Beginning with the Root Chakra is the best place to begin opening and awakening the chakras. As the foundation of all the chakras, the Root Chakra causes energy to flow upward throughout the remainder of the chakras. To balance the Root Chakra, it is necessary to be more aware of the body itself. Physical activity in any form, whether it is cleaning the house, formally exercising, doing yoga, or some other structured discipline will make one more aware of the body and how it moves and works together. And any type of physical movement will serve to strengthen the Root Chakra.

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