10 Days Full Body Workout Plan

Game Plan Level – Fit

There are several workouts you have to choose from now, but you can’t just pick the ones you like and ignore the others.

As you saw in the last chapters, it is important to work out each part of your body specifically on different days, because you will lose out on the hard work you have done if you don’t.

The more you use the parts of your body, the more you are going to see the results you want to see. I have now put together a plan for you to follow with these workouts I have provided above.

This is a 10-day plan, so if you stick with it, you will be able to get through the entire thing 3 times a month. I know it will be a bit of a shock for you when you get to day 10 and you see that you are supposed to take a day off, but let me assure you, I know what I am doing.

The reason there is a day off 3 times a month is dual-purpose. First of all, you need to recover. Our bodies weren’t designed to go at it for that level of intensity every day, even if it isn’t all day. Secondly, I want you to see that you can take a day off and things are going to be all right.

Too many people think if they ever take a day off that it will all fall apart and they won’t reach their goals, but since you can see that you are deliberately taking days off, you know it is just fine for you to still reach your goals.

Day 1

  1. Warm-up.
  2. Full Body Workout 1.
  3. Cool down.

Day 2: Leg day

  1. Warm up, static lunge, and row for 2 minutes, 1 minute per side.
  2. Follow this with walking lunges for 1 minute.
  3. Squat and lift weights for another minute, complete a set of jumping jacks for 1 minute, then finish with planking for a full minute.

4   Do a set of jumping jacks for another minute, then drop down to a plank and do leg raises for another full minute.

  • Roll over on your back, and do reverse crunches for a final minute.
  • Cool down.
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