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Fast Weight Loss Program Workouts are essential, and so are gym trainers. They know how to tone your body and which exercises can get you back into shape. If you are trying to lose weight during the lock-down caused by the corona virus, this 5 Days Weight Loss Program During The Coronavirus Quarantine article will guide you towards the best mix of cardio and weight workout. But wouldn’t it be more convenient and independent if you knew the right exercises yourself? It is like being well-acquainted with the gears and functioning of a car before you take the driver’s seat yourself.

The day you enter a gym, you will be easily able to categorize the population into two- the cardio lovers and the weight lifters. In other words, you will find some people on the treadmill, bikes, or elliptical machines, and others doing bench presses, lifting weights, and lifting more weights. A perfect workout is a combination of cardio and strength training sessions since each has its benefits and functions.

In this section, I will tell you how you can design your program. I don’t recommend having a stringent plan because, more often than not, women hardly stick to it. I have never seen a normal client, not an athlete whose job is athletics but for a normal client with a real-life, who has managed to follow a program for more than 3 or 4 weeks.


Shit happens, sooner or later, people get sick, and their children get sick, there are anniversaries, weddings, and graduation parties, where they indulge in eating. There are business trips and people take vacations, so they are forced to leave the gym for days or weeks…Or they can simply go through a period of stress, a family crisis, or a period of poor physical fitness.

Therefore, the only rule that you should have is to set a realistic goal within three months and try to write down a rough schedule to reach that goal. It is important to acknowledge the fact that during the quarter there will be distractions, more or less serious reasons to deviate from the program. Consequently, the program will have to be corrected, not your life.

And the coach, whose job is to remove stress from your life, not to add more, is there to help. So, ask him to help you plan your programming.

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