Exercise While Watching TV

Exercises to Do while Watching Television

When you are sitting in the comfort of your armchair or sofa watching television you may not realize that you have a great opportunity to gain the benefits of some health bringing keep fit exercises.

Here are 5 Simple Exercise Moves You Can Do While Watching TV which will only add to your enjoyment and at the same time help you to feel much fitter and healthier.

Lifting Legs

Lifting Legs

Without using your arms to help you, lift your legs until they are level with your knees. Try holding them up for one minute.

Then slowly lower your feet to the ground. Repeat this exercise five times. Try each time to hold your legs up for as long as you can.

This exercise can be performed in an armchair starting with your feet on the floor or on a sofa with your legs stretched out and lifting them in the air.

Feet and Toes Flexing

Feet and Toes Flexing

If you are wearing any shoes or socks you should remove them. Now lift one foot, clench and unclench your toes, repeat this for one minute then flex your foot up and down from the ankle for another minute.

Then repeat the exercise with the other foot. You can do this exercise as much as you feel you need to do.

Neck Exercise

Lean your head forwards and rotate it from side to side, circling your neck while doing it.

Rest, then with your head upright, again rotate your head side to side and circle your neck again.

Repeat this neck exercise two more times.

Reach to Toes

Reach to Toes

Hold your arms out straight and lean forwards trying to reach out and touch your toes.

Now lean back and lift your legs and again try to reach out and touch your toes.

Repeat the exercise two or three times.

Elbows to Knees

Elbows to Knees

Lift your arms into the air and stretch then place your hands behind your head. Now lean forwards and only with the tips of your elbows try to reach and touch your knees.

Perform this exercise as many times as you wish, but don’t miss any exciting bits in the movie which you may be viewing. Watching television is good entertainment and with these exercises, you will also manage to keep fit. Enjoy Our Simple Exercise Moves You Can Do While Watching TV Article!

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Elbows to Knees
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